About Our Chef

Dakota Kolb

"My passion for cooking started at a very young age.  I was drawn to the TV, listening and watching Emril Lagasse, and  that passion only grew stronger from there.

I went to further my education after high school, attending St. Louis Community College Forest Park, where I received my Associates Degree in Applied Science-Culinary Arts.

While at STLCC, I applied for my first kitchen job at Quincy Street Bistro.  I didn't think I was going to get it because it was a very well-oiled machine, and I didn't believe that I was experienced enough.  Much to my surprise, I got the job. 

I spent two years QSB, and although I enjoyed my time here, I decided that I wanted to learn something new.  So I went to work at Pastaria by Niche in Clayton, MO for six months.  Then I went on to The Corner Butcher, where I learned the art of butchery.

It didn't take long, however, for me to miss being "in the weeds."  I missed cooking on the line, so I reached out to the owners at Quincy Street Bistro, and asked if I could come back.  I was here for another two years before leaving again, this time heading to Kansas City.

In KC, I faced many new adventures and experiences, but I missed home.  So after a year and a half, I moved back home to STL. 

I moved back during the worst time of 2020.  Covid-19 had put a LOT of things on hold for me, so finding a job was difficult.  I soon learned that Todd Tiefenauer was reopening the old QSB, so I reached out, and the rest is history!"

(Photo courtesy of Riverfront Times)

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