Our Story

Quincy Street Bistro was originally founded in 2001 by Mike and Sue Enright.  They brought in Rick Lewis (their future son-in-law) as their chef.  They continued to serve the Princeton Heights neighborhood in south St. Louis City for almost 8 years, closing in October of 2018.  

Now, almost exactly two years later, a new group of foodies has decided to reopen and renew the Quincy Street Bistro.  Led by Todd Tiefenauer, a 30-year veteran of the food industry, we can't wait to bring our vision of comfort food for every mood to the world.  

Our goal is to provide a dining experience consisting of the Bistro Basics:  Quick, Simple, and Unpretentious.  Our varied menu consists of many of our favorite dishes, and well as our spin on a few more.  Our drink specials (and specialty drinks) are crafted for the perfect night out.

We look forward to furthering the Quincy Street Bistro legacy!


Our Decor

Our love and passion for wildlife and conservation is reflected in the decor around us.  Throughout our dining rooms and bar, our guests will find one-of-a-kind art pieces collected from zoos and wildlife parks from around the country. 

Each piece was crafted as an enrichment activity for each animal species, under the care and supervision of dedicated keepers from various world-class institutions.  Many of them were created in our own back yard, at our very own St. Louis Zoo!

Surrounding each piece of artwork, and appearing elsewhere throughout QSB, guests will also see numerous photos of wildlife.  These photos were taken by our owner at zoos, wildlife parks, national parks and wildlife preserves around the world.  

For information on how to obtain your own unique, one-of-a-kind masterpieces, you can find them locally through the St. Louis Zoo, or contact your local chapter of the AAZK (American Association of Zoo Keepers).