• Todd Tiefenauer

Goings On at Quincy Street

Thank you, everyone, for the continued interest in the goings-on here at Quincy Street!

We are hard at work here, trying to get everything in order to open as soon as possible. With that being said, due to limitations and constraints EVERYWHERE, the process is taking a bit longer than we had hoped.

We had originally hoped to open on October 29th (which would have been 2 years after the original owners closed up shop in 2018). That would have been, in our minds, a nice way to acknowledge the legacy that the original owners left behind for us.

That, however, has not happened.

We will continue to plug away here, behind the scenes, perfecting our food and training our staff. As much as we would like to say we'll be opening on October 32nd, we would hate to disappoint everyone if we couldn't meet that date.

What we can say is that we are about 90% there. There are a couple of legal hoops to jump through, and once those last hurdles are cleared, you can expect a resounding cry from the rooftops of "We're Open!!!! Come on in!!!"

We thank you again for your patience and understanding, and we can't wait to open our doors to a new generation at QSB!!!

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