• Todd Tiefenauer

In Good "Spirits"

A huge "Thank you!" goes out to everyone that has come in to visit us through our first week in operation. It means a lot to us to feel so welcomed by the Princeton Heights community.

We wanted to post an update on the process that we are currently undergoing in the attempt to obtain our liquor license. A lot of patrons have been asking "where's the booze?" and we wanted to be transparent with everyone.

Due to COVID-related delays with the City, we are in a holding pattern, it would seem. Everything has been turned in, and we're simply awaiting the legal process to continue through City Hall. We know that they are running as quickly and efficiently as they possible can, but there's only so much that they can do with current staffing levels and COVID restrictions.

We will continue to bring our comfort food for every mood for as long as we can, and as soon as we are able to bring some comfort booze for every mood, we will make that announcement here and on our social media platforms.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding. We look forward to meeting more of our neighbors soon, and hope that everyone stays safe and healthy!

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