• Todd Tiefenauer

In the Holiday Spirit

Happy Holidays, everyone!!!

Once again, we can't express how thankful we are for all of the support we've received over the past few weeks since our opening on November 6th! It has been a wild ride, and we are grateful for all of those that have chosen to come along with us.

We are still fielding queries about the status of our liquor license, and we wanted to update you on the progress. Sadly, there hasn't been much movement. We are still awaiting a response from City Hall about the scheduling of our hearing that would grant us the ability to sell alcohol. We have been assured, however, that they are hard at work, and we are hopeful that we SHOULD be hearing something soon.

With that being said, we are appreciative of those in the community that have visited us in our dining room, and have stayed for lunch/dinner, even without beer/wine/spirits. Your patronage means the world to us!

As soon as we know when the taps will flow, we will let you know!

Happy Holidays!!!

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