• Todd Tiefenauer

In the Spirit... Finally!!!

We FINALLY have our liquor licenses in hand!!!

We sincerely want to thank all of our loyal guests who have suffered through the past 6 weeks with us as we have waited for this day to arrive. Without your ongoing support, we would not be able to continue to open our doors every day!

Beginning today, we will have a limited selection of wines/beers/spirits available for purchase.


We DO want to add, however, that guests should NOT expect to find EVERY wine, EVERY beer, and EVERY spirit available at this time. Alcohol is not cheap, and we simply can't afford to stock any and all products available under the sun. We are more concerned right now with being able to pay wages to our


We will start with what we consider the basics, and slowly roll more products into our inventory as sales dictate. So please, don't "be a hater" because we don't have your favorite wine, your favorite beer, or your favorite spirit. We will get there, eventually...

Again, thank you to everyone that has dined with us over the past weeks. We wouldn't be here without you!


The QSB Staff

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