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Who's Cookin'

We've been a bit lax in our updates lately, but today's announcement should change that.

We're pleased to announce the newest additions to our growing family: Head Chef Justin Poole and Sous Chef Zack Broeker. Justin and Zack have already been with us for a brief stint, but recently stepped up to lead our Heart of House after the recent departure our previous chef. Both of these gentleman have proven to be hard-working and have shown excellent promise and knowledge in how to run and execute the kitchen. We can't wait to see what they bring to the table...

And now... as a brief introduction to our newest celebrities... Here they are, in their own words...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Quincy Street Bistro proudly presents to you, its tag team champions of the Chef world, The King of Thrash Justin Poole and Z-bird Zack Broeker, the Quincy Street Brawlers.

Justin, a former head chef of The Crows Nest and Sous Chef of The Blue Duck has been working in the service industry for nearly a decade. While Zack, a former kitchen manager of The Blue Duck is a relative newcomer to the business. The two share a love of heavy metal, fast paced action, great food, and good people.

“We’re here to work together with Todd and everyone else on the Quincy Street staff to provide something you can’t get at every other... restaurant, great food and a great atmosphere provided to you by people who enjoy and appreciate their coworkers and customers. We’re still in this business because we love it and we can’t wait to welcome all of Saint Louis back to Quincy Street Bistro.”

Welcome aboard!!!

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